Leave a comment- but record your voice instead!

Hi guys,

Now you can use the headphones with the microphones to record your comments on the blog. Go to vocaroo.com – there’s a link under our games for all topics, if you want to find it in future.

Record your message, then select the link in the box, hold down the CTRL key (control key) and press C at the same time to COPY the link.

Now come back to the comment and press CTRL and V to PASTE the link into the comments.

Wow! Now you can hear what someone has to say instead of having to read or type it! 😛


1 Response to “Leave a comment- but record your voice instead!”

  1. 1 zia 30 June, 2010 at 9:47 am

    i will but right now i’m coffing so if i did record it all you would here is coffing:-D

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