Bikes by Manfred

Bikes are a type of transport.

Wheels are to drive a bike. A bike  has 2 wheels. The wheels are joined to the frame. Pedals and chain are attached to a back wheel. There is a seat  the person sits on it so  its comfy and big.

A person sits on the seat and holds on to the handlebars to steer the front wheel. The feet push the pedals to move the chain. The chain moves the back wheel to drive the bike around places.

There are different types of bikes. These are types of bikes. Mountain bikes , kid bikes , motor bikes, tricycles and a road bike and more.

Bikes are an enviomently way of getting around fast and can be save for the envioment. So they are good.


1 Response to “Bikes by Manfred”

  1. 1 Vashti 30 July, 2010 at 1:36 pm

    Well done, Manfred! I like the way you are using paragraphs. Are you a Beginner, Proficient, Advanced or an Expert?

    Vashti 🙂

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