going to laras house

Today I hade a play date with Taylor we were supposed to go to taylors house but we went to laras house instead.

Things we did at laras house:

  1. Me, Taylor, Greta , Zara, Lara and  Laras big sister Nadia held Lara and Nadias Guinia Pigs.
  2. We played on their jungle gym.
  3. We had something to eat.
  4.  Me, Taylor and Zara played with the Littlest pet shops, Polly pockets, puppy in my pockets and barbies while the others wached tv.

fun fact: I have an asome house. This riminds me q:why did the cow try to go to the milky way? a: becouse he couldn,t  make milk.


1 Response to “going to laras house”

  1. 1 Sean 18 August, 2010 at 6:48 am

    I have been to Laras house too.

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