Our Learning Celebration!

Welcome to our online celebration of learning. Please browse our work with us to see our achievements this year!


Play Tutpup with us!

Have a go at Sumdogs

Here are our goals for maths…

Check out our results in our Choice Books!


We have been learning to read newspapers to find out information about the Miners in Chile and the Pike River Mine disaster. Here is our group work:

Our Chilean Miners Reports

We can show you our powerpoints on our student server and will upload them this evening because our network doesn’t let us upload things from school!


We have been learning about persuasive writing. You can find our page of learning here: Persuasive Writing

Here is our group work  where we made advertisements to get our community ready in the event of a natural disaster:

Living and Learning

We worked on our self esteem this year, and confidence. We received compliments that we put into a Wordle. We are still working on this but we have our sheets in our book to work from. Here is the link: Wordles

Here is a Storybird we made about positivity: The Book of Happy Chappies By CS11


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