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Here you can find information about the types of writing we learn in school.



Explanations This is what we are learning about at the moment…



Writing Games

Here is a link to fun writing games: Fun Games for Spelling and Writing
Try out some spelling games: The BBC’s Spellits
Practice full stops, Capital Letters and other punctuation at the BBC’s: The Magic Key

Reading Games

Kaboose Reading Games

Fun 4 The Brain English Games– Choose from the following games:

Panda Mayhem: This fun english game has some silly pandas to help teach the parts of speech. Get enough of the questions right, and you can make your own silly sentence.

Popcorn Words: Pop! Pop! Pop! Memorize dozens of the most common sight words. Serve the monkeys and try to get promoted to Manager of the Movie Theater.

Syllable Split: Help Syllable Sammy decode two syllable words. He will split the words in half for you, if you help him build a new log cabin.

Learning Media: Look for “Speak Up!”, an activity that lets you make your own cartoon.



Get Into It!

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3. Ask the writer a question.

4. Keep it positive!

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