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Persuasion: When we try to get other people to see our ideas or points of view, or when we try to get someone to do what we want, we persuade them.

Advertisements: When people try to get you to buy  or do something using pictures, words, music, colours, feelings, smells and a whole lot of other techniques, on television, on billboards, in magazines, in newspapers…

Check out these advertisements:

What do both ads have in common?

What do they do differently?

What are they getting you to do?

Pros and Cons: What’s good about ads for consumers (people who buy things)? What’s bad about ads? Click here to add your ideas to our Pros and Cons wall

Analysing Advertisements

What kinds of language are used in film making to make advertisements and movies? We made a word bank- but is it right?

Here is a list of definitions (meanings of words) to do with making films: The Grammar of TV and Film

Here is a site that talks about how to question what we see and think about advertising. We are going to use these questions with our ads: Looking at Advertising

Now let’s take a look at what some companies do on the internet to tell you about their products- and you might not even know it’s advertising… CoCo Crunch Activity

Examples of kids using persuasion in writing and pictures:

Here are where you can find some written arguments.

Here are where you can find some examples of kids using moving images.

Check out WRITING FUN to have a go at writing something yourself! 🙂


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