Here is where you can find out about some of the authors we study.

Roddy Doyle, Wilderness

Check out Wikipedia’s information on him: Roddy Doyle on Wikipedia.
Here is a Creative Writing Centre that Roddy Doyle opened in Ireland to help people of all ages learn creative writing- for free! Fighting Words

“The Silver Donkey”, By Sonya Hartnett.
Here is an interview with the author
Here is a biography- information about the author’s life.

Some of our reading groups are studying books by Jack Lasenby and Maurice Gee.

Jack Lasenby- Aunt Effie
NZ Book Council information– Suitable for parents
An interview with Jack Lasenby by Margaret Mahy– Suitable for parents
Interview with Jack Lasenby for kids

Maurice Gee- Under the Mountain

Wikipedia Entry
– use with adult supervision
NZ Book Council Profile– suitable for parents
Interview with Maurice Gee for kids

Michael Lawrence- Captain Underpants


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