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We wish you a merry Christmas,

 we wish you a merry Christmas,

we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year

from Chris and  Sam


Kalia’s Homework on Oil Spills

Here is something Kalia whipped up in her spare time- a Powerpoint about Oil Spills! Nice one, Kals. 🙂

Kalia’s Oil Spills Homework

Oil Spills- YUCK!

Neil and Mark visited us from Maritime NZ. They clean up oil spills. We found out that the oil STINKS! Check out our pictures from this exciting visit:

Here is a website Neil has told us about, if you want to learn more!

Maritime NZ: Protecting Our Environment

CS23’s Waka

Over the past two weeks CS11 and CS12 have been making waka. We used bamboo, sticks, string, and wire. They sunk mostly, but it was fun.

Here is a photo!!!

Neil is coming to talk to us about oil spills!

Hey CS11,

If you want to find out some stuff about oil spills and how to help, you can check out these links on the page “Our Place in the Pacific.

Save Our Seas: The Pacific Ocean
Ecokids: Play here!
Oil and Water Don’t Mix: Start Here!
Oil and Water Don’t Mix: Memory Puzzles
Major Oil Spills Crossword: Try solve it here!
Don’t Mess the Sea! Watch It Now . . .
Don’t Mess the Sea: Memory Puzzle
Don’t Mess the Sea Puzzle: Play Here!
Marine Safety Wordfind!Find your words here

Our Place In The Pacific

Our work is on the topic page- but look to the right and you will see that there is a page in the menu that is only about the Pacific. You will find some cool links, and pictures of us making our waka.

Check it out!
Our Place In The Pacific

🙂 Vashti

A cup of koko by jamie.

Annie lives in Apia with her grandparents.Her grandad groes cacao trees which drop pods with the pods you make A CUP OF KOKO!!!!!!


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