Social Studies: Our Place in the Pacific

CS11 are learning about the Pacific Islands, and how the ocean affects lifestyle and culture. We are also learning about why the ocean needs to be conserved. You can find the information on this page, and more on this site at:
Our Place In The Pacific


Waka Voyaging Website!
Watch videos on the Waka Voyaging Website!


Pacific Islands, By Henri

Breadfruit, By Fern
Breadfruit, By William
Breadfruit, By Rommy
Breadfruit by Luciella
Breadfruit, By Jamie
Bread Fruit Chips, by Michael

Toddy Cutters, By Annie
Toddy Cutters, By Isaac
Toddy Cutters, By Chris

Flying Boats, By Ashley
Coral, By Zahra
Flying Boats and Coral Islands, By George
Coral, By Kalia
Flying Boats and Coral Islands, By Joss

Don’t Waste Water, By Che
Don’t Waste the Water, By Lyall
Don’t Waste The Water, By Stephanie
Don’t Waste the Water, By Tim

Cooking an Uga (Coconut Crab), by Zebony




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