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In the Holidays…

Hi CS11,

The blog will remain open over the holidays! You can keep us all up to date if you like, while you frolic in the sun and enjoy your time off.

As we are not at school,  I will be online to make sure that posts and comments are safe and friendly.

Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas!

ūüôā Vashti



Softer then a dog

Very curious

Cuddly tabby cat

I’m sick

On thursday i went for a swim and¬† got a bee sting. it got swolen .So¬† i stayed home . Two days after i went to the docter. He said¬† that i’m alergic to bees.¬† he told me to come back the next day. Then the doctor said if you get red lines up your leg¬†¬† and something ells i have to go straight to hospital. So i¬†¬† have to go back tomorrow again. I have to keep my leg elavated hier than¬†my heart. I take 5 medasins a day i’ll see what happends tomorrow about the doctors

i have a new tv.

I have a new tv and its cool as!

from sam

Our Present Tally So Far

We are collecting presents for our adopted family. So far we have:
Mum: 2
15 year old boy: 2
10 year old girl: 6
18 month old girl: 6

Nice one CS11! Also, one person has brought in money that they earned for the family.

I went to Katys party

in the week I went to Katys party and we went to the pools there was a slide and there wher 3 slide and a diving boad and we went back to katys home and plad it was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Grandma is sick

My grandma is sick and she is at my house



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