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For Olivia- who we all know, is wrapping a kitty!

Merry Christmas, Oli 🙂

Love, Vashti


Another funny cat video…

In the Holidays…

Hi CS11,

The blog will remain open over the holidays! You can keep us all up to date if you like, while you frolic in the sun and enjoy your time off.

As we are not at school,  I will be online to make sure that posts and comments are safe and friendly.

Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas!

🙂 Vashti


Riding sante

muriwai riding center

friendly black filly


Softer then a dog

Very curious

Cuddly tabby cat


Runs around his cage

Likes to sleep in a grass hut

Cosy and warm nest 🙂 🙂


Sit on my saddle
Brush me with my dandy-brush
gently comb my mane


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